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Apendix 2: Quality Policy


McSkimming Plant & Communication

Quality Policy


Excellent quality of Product &/or Services is Vital to the existences, growth & profitability of McSkimming Plant & Communication. Quality is therefore given the highest priority during planning, Implementation & execution of work.


We shall focus on Continuous Improvement in maintenance of the Quality System & will strive to comply with the relevant requirements of the ISO9001 Series Code International Standard at all times.


"Right First Time - Every Time" is McSkimming Plant & Communicaton's quality Motto, and all our employees work hard to live by this motto. "Employee involvement" is a fundamental aspect of the practical & meaningful implementation & execution of systems in order to meet primary objectives with quality, health, safety & environment.


We focus on "Motivation" at all levels of the organization to ensure good quality, & satisfied customers.


"Zero Defects" is the attitude of prevention which is constantly motivated within the organization in order to achieve the degree of excellent quality required to create a competitive advantage.


The Quality System is designed to ensure that this standard is maintained and fostered throughout our Organization.



Mark McSkimming



Review Date : 15/04/2014


Document No: MPC-HSE-PL-001

Version 1



McSkimming Plant & Communication

Health & Safety Policy


The senior management of McSkimming Plant & Communication is committed to providing a safe & healthy workplace and to eliminating any conditions that could result in a person's death, injury or illness being caused by McSkimming Plant & Communication's work activities, workplaces, plant/machinery or substances used at a workplace.

McSkimming Plant & Communication will deliver on its commitment in the following ways:

  • Provide the necessary training, instruction & safety equipment to enable every employee to comply with all legislation, Australia Standards & Codes of Practice affecting the workplace.

  • Manage exposure to risk, such as all risks will be maintained at a level considered to be 'as low as possible'.

  • Provide & maintain safe plant & machinery.

  • Will engage all staff members' in discussion, enabling each member of staff to contribute to decisions that may affect their health, safety and welfare at work.

  • Set measurable targets & seek to continually improve our health & safety performance.

  • Communicate MPC's Health & Safety Policy & procedure to all employees and other stakeholders as appropriate to ensure they are aware of their obligations with respect to MPC's operations.

  • Seek to achieve the personal commitment of all employees, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants to healthy & safe workplace practices.

  • Adopt appropriate procurement policies to ensure that only competent contractors & suppliers are engaged.

  • Periodically review & revise MPC's Health & Safety Policy & Procedures to maintain their relevance.



Mark McSkimming & Terese McSkimming

Directors, McSkimming Plant & Communication

Signed Director: M.W. McSkimming